The Changing Face of Fitness

There can be no doubt that the well-documented rise in obesity levels is related to a corresponding decrease in physical exercise among the general population. The emergence of the internet and the evolution of the entertainment industry, combined with more remote ways of working, have clearly contributed to this, as has the fitness industry’s inability to successfully promote their services.

The Role of Technology

Mobile technology and the internet have completely transformed the way we communicate with one another, as evidenced by the explosion in social media. Fitness companies and professionals need to stay connected to existing and potential clients. By ensuring we maintain a high profile on the social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), Street Fit® works hard to tap into the current street dance fitness communities.

Technology not only has to be included in a fitness marketing campaign, it is also becoming the means through which many people now experience exercise. People now choose to keep fit through fitness, sports and dance games available on games consoles (e.g. Wii Fit). As this technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, the fitness industry will have to respond to keep pace.

The benefits of social contact and a structured workout need to be highlighted and new technologies introduced, where appropriate. For example, many gyms and health clubs are already offering interactive equipment, whereby users experience simulated realities via a computer screen.

Playing the Entertainment Game

One of the key reasons why Street Fit® is such a compelling offering is that we are tapping into areas that are already hugely popular. Young people love to listen to hip hop and R&B music and emulate their favourite stars’ moves. The chance to perfect those moves and end up with a body worth flaunting is an attractive proposition. These young media consumers are used to experiencing professionally produced videos and music, which is why so much resource has been put into creating quality promotional materials.

The street dance attitude is also in tune with modern youth culture, with its emphasis on the values of individuality and self-expression at the expense of strict, formal styles.

Rather than trying to promote working out as an alternative to entertainment, Street Fit® presents it as a continuation. As the internet and other technologies continue to tempt us into an increasingly sedentary existence, it falls upon innovative fitness pioneers to find new ways to stay in touch and get people out of the armchair.

Pain is not Paying

A key message, and one that Street Fit is eager to promote, is that fitness should be fun. The ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality, so often heard within the fitness industry, has not proved to be a popular maxim for those already disenchanted with the existing gym culture. It’s time for a more attractive proposition, one that appeals to a wider audience.

It is becoming clear that dance fitness programs are coming to the fore as a valid alternative to traditional fitness models. As a Street Fit instructor, you can embrace this exciting new concept and introduce your community to a fun-filled, fitter future.

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