Making Dance Fitness Work for You

Making big life changes is never a comfortable ride, so it isn’t surprising that we would sometimes prefer to cruise along in our personal comfort zones rather than stretch our limits. Fortunately, it is rarely necessary to make drastic upheavals to our lives in order to start moving towards the future we desire. Whether you already have experience in a dance, teaching or fitness-related industry; are a talented hobbyist or simply like the idea of starting off in a whole new direction, there is a way into the dance fitness industry for you.

The Professional

There are many professional backgrounds that are relevant to a career in dance fitness. If you have a performing arts background you will quickly be able to adapt your body awareness and choreography skills to a fitness workout, while personal trainers should have the physical co-ordination and stamina to master the rigours of dance.

Dance fitness also requires an arsenal of personal skills: the ability to control a class of different personalities; the patience to work with those of limited ability; the creativity to come up with new and stimulating routines and the organisational skills to keep your business running efficiently. Therefore teachers, artists and even accountants should find something in their professions that will stand them in good stead for a dance fitness career.

If you already work in the industry, you are in a prime position to make valuable contacts en route to starting out on your own two feet. As long as you’re careful not to allow a conflict of interests to undermine your employed role, you should be able to do some valuable market research simply by talking to the people you come into contact with on a daily basis. Find out what classes they do, what they like and dislike about them and what kind of classes would suit them best. You might also be able to get an idea of reasonable venue prices and good quality suppliers.

The Hobbyist

There is no reason why a passionate dance hobbyist can’t reach the lifestyle potential of a seasoned pro. The younger you are, the easier it will probably be for you to adjust your life to incorporate more of what you love to do. That doesn’t mean that it’s ever too late to become a dance fitness instructor, it just often requires more planning and negotiation (e.g. if you have family commitments to work around).

It is important to understand that teaching dance fitness professionally requires the development of a range of technical, business and personal skills. For example, you will need to learn about the anatomy of the body, how to avoid injury by following good practise and skills in effectively communicating to a diverse group of people. While the Street Fit® Instructors’ Course will give you the foundational skills and certification you need, it is your own determination and willingness to develop that will ultimately bring you success.

The Uninitiated

Even those who have marvelled at the skills of a street dance troupe but never visited a street dance class could end up making a living from dance fitness. Street Fit® Instructors’ Courses are affordable and open to anyone, although we do recommend you take part in a few preliminary classes before taking on our ultimate Hip Hop Workout®. If you’re lucky, there may be a Street Fit® Instructor teaching classes in a town or city near you!

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