Our Refer a Friend Scheme

Simply refer someone to one of our instructor courses & get paid £50 every time!

Even if you’re not interested in becoming an Instructor there’s is another chance to make money from Street Fit and not just a few quid some serious cash!

All you need is good understanding of what Street Fit is all about, possible contacts or a personality to spread the word. Once you’re a Street Fit Agent we will give you all the tools required to draw in potential clients for our courses, you can use our videos, images and our website to make sure you get the most out of being an Agent.

Contacts Are Key!

If you are looking to fast track and increase the amount you earn contacts are key in the dance fitness industry. Street dance fitness is all about knowing who to target and where the good leads are. Knowing people who work or own a gym, dance studio’s or are perhaps in the industry will give you the leverage to make sure you ultimately are pitching to the right audience, ultimately making more money.

The world is yours…

Let’s say you have no industry experience of any kind, is that going to stop you making money with Street Fit? The answer is no, you just have to be a naturally a sociable person, who has a love or interest in dance or fitness, confidence is beneficial in giving you a good solid foundation to be a successful Street Fit Agent. You could be a great sales person or have a strong knowledge of marketing. One of our current agents has no Dance or Fitness contacts they simply have over 5,000 friends on facebook who they target for our instructor courses. You may have a huge following on twitter or a social media presence that you could target, how difficult is it to tell your friends about something and make money from it?

No business set up costs or running costs

It’s so simple all you have to do is register with us and you’re up and running, there is nothing to lose why would you not just spread the word? You put the hours in and you reap the rewards. Start talking to people; you earn commission on the course fees of anyone who takes a place on a Street Fit Instructor Training Course. As long as they remember to quote your name, your recruits will also benefit from a reduced course fee. Everyone’s a winner.

So what are you waiting for?

We want hungry individuals who share our passion for street dance fitness and Street Fit, if you are interested and excited about potentially making lots of money or simply adding to your current income then jump on board we want you to become part of the Street Fit family!

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