The Age of the Entrepreneur

No More ‘Job for Life’

We’re living in uncertain times. There was once such a thing as a ‘job for life’, and many of our parents (or at least grandparents) expected to get a job straight from school and slowly advance through the ranks as they gained experience. Not any more. According to research from global market analysts, Mintel, one in three workers now remain in a job for less than two years.

Although the quest for money was the most popular reason for  the one in five respondents looking to move on, taking on a new challenge and starting a new career were also cited as motivation. Then there are those who inadvertently find themselves in the job market as a result of redundancy (there were 172,000 redundancies in the first three months of 2012, up 2 per cent from last year*). With government public service spending curtailed by national debt, and cash-strapped companies outsourcing and offshoring work, these trends are not set to reverse any time soon.

Even those who can hang on to their jobs may find themselves underemployed as employers reduce hours, and with interest rates low, the money they do earn will do precious little in a savings account.

Two Types of Change

What does all this have to do with Street Fit®?

If there ever was an ideal time to reconsider your career options, it’s right now. Are you secure in your job, happy in your work and confident in the prospect of making a comfortable living from it? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then perhaps it’s time you took matters into your own hands.

There are two ways in which life can change: through external circumstances or through internal effort. In today’s economy, external circumstances rarely change in the employees favour.

Google’s statistics have picked up on a search trend which highlights what many people are doing to effect change in their finances: they are exploring new ways to make money. In 2011, the number of self-employed people in the UK topped 4 million for the first time in recorded history. People are clearly becoming disillusioned with the world of employment and are looking to do it for themselves.

The Entrepreneur Effect

You won’t need reminding of the popularity of dance fitness and, in a supply-demand economy, that bodes well for entrepreneurs who want to break into the industry. With the ability to charge a healthy fee for class membership, Street Fit® instructors can anticipate annual earnings of £20,000 or above.  Add to this the intrinsic value of doing a job you love, and you can see why so many people are taking control of their futures by becoming street dance fitness entrepreneurs.

Are you ready to be a player in the new age of the entrepreneur? –

* ONS Labour Market Statistics, May 2012

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